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5 Ways to Pamper a Senior Cat

October 15, 2015

Is your cat entering her senior years? Kitties are just as adorable as seniors as they are when they’re little! While a proper diet, clean litterbox, and regular veterinary care will all still be crucial to your cat’s health and well-being, your pet’s needs will change slightly as she ages. Fluffy may need some extra TLC to keep her happy and comfortable in her golden years. A Beaufort, NC veterinarian discusses some easy ways to pamper senior cats in this article.

Senior-Friendly Facilities

As Fluffy gets older, she may prefer a litterbox with low walls, as these are easier for aging cats to get in and out of. If your home has multiple floors, put litterboxes and water bowls on each story. That way, your kitty won’t have to manage the stairs every time she gets thirsty or has to relieve herself. You also want to avoid putting the litterbox in a cold or drafty area.

Grooming Help

Kitties are very diligent about keeping up with their daily beauty regimes, but senior cats may have trouble reaching certain areas to groom themselves. Brush Fluffy gently to keep that pretty fur free of mats and tangles and make her feel pampered.


Your cat’s vision may decline as she enters her senior years. Keep nightlights on to help Fluffy find her way around after dark.

Window Seat

Offer your cat plenty of cozy napping spots, including at least one with sunbeam access and a good window view. In Fluffy’s mind, the only thing better than dozing in a sunbeam is being able to doze in a sunbeam and birdwatch at the same time!


Play sessions are good for your feline friend in many ways. First, they offer her beneficial physical activity. Given that kitties’ two favorite activities are eating and sleeping, this is very important! Playing also offers mental stimulation, which can help keep Fluffy’s kitty brain sharp as she ages. Use interactive toys to stimulate your cat’s predatory instincts and get her moving.

Of course, the best thing you can do for your senior cat is make her feel loved. Talk to her, snuggle with her, and scratch those cute ears. That little motor of hers will still turn over just fine!

Does your senior kitty need shots or an examination? We can help! Contact us, your Beaufort, NC animal hospital, today!

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