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We want to hear from you! Our goal is to consistently deliver the best available patient care and exceptional client service, and your valuable feedback helps us to both achieve that goal and to communicate the value of our services to others. Please also consider leaving feedback about your experience here so that others may learn more about the quality of our care. We appreciate it!

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“They are great. I feel like they really took time to get to the root of the problem.”

Molly T.

“You have been taking care of my pets for a long time and I am going to continue to this because I trust you and my pets, dogs, have always received wonderful care.”

Melody Z.

“They were great to both my dog and myself!”

Alexis J.

“Very friendly to me and my pup, Sadie fell in love with the staff.”

Albert D.

“Our expectations are always met. Kristina is the best. Our Marley loves her and is always so happy to see her.”

Brenda C.

“Staff was great in getting my Morkie seen when he had an upset stomach and diarrhea, they worked the visit within the budget that I had for that day along with the medicine that he needed. Thumbs up !!”


“Tyler loves visiting you and the care he receives is always excellent. The patience and love you show him is very much appreciated.”

Malibu C.

“Everyone was so pleasant and professional. We received excellent care. We felt so very glad to have met everyone at this office. We are so glad they are there for us.”

Bear K.

“Always come away with the feeling our puppy is important to the Live Oak team – trust the care of our baby to these good folks!”

Chuck C. 12/19/22
Todd M

“Very friendly and professional staff will explain everything to you.”

Todd M. 10/2/22

“Always courteous and so loving with Marley. Our trust with y’all means everything to us. Y’all truly have Marley’s health and safety a priority.”

Brenda C. 9/22/22

“Always first class! Very knowledgeable”

Terry J. 7/14/22

“Doc spent ALOT of time with Bella and myself.”

Hal B. 7/10/22

“Dr Lloyd and her staff are fabulous. Professional from start to finish. They make sure I am well informed regarding my pets and my girls Lola and Faith love them all. Highly recommend them for all of your pet care needs.”

Mel W. 5/21/22

“Everyone was super friendly to me and my dog. They were professional and caring. Price is very reasonable.”

Jeanine C. 4/16/22

“New to the area and I found Live Oak through a Google search, I’m so glad I took my dog there! They were extremely polite, answered all my questions and took great care of my dog needs. My dog even loved them! It’s great to find a vet I can trust!”

Amanda B. 4/2/22

“I first met Dr Lloyd at the Emergency Vet Clinic when Crystal was admitted for pancreatitis. I was impressed with her skills, professionalism and her compassion. That is why I have transferred Crystal and my other two cats to her care.”

Mary R.

“Dr. Lloyd and her staff have cared for our dogs for the past 10 years with compassion and care. Our dogs have always loved going to “the vet” and have never been afraid or scared. I will continue to take our pets to Dr. Lloyd even if we move!”

Frieda M.

“Thank you so much for helping our beautiful Daisy on such short notice. You saved her life she is doing better. . We are very grateful.”

Diane P.

“Staff was very gentle & kind with Max. Appts with previous vet left him nervous and quite out of sorts. At the conclusion of his 1st visit at Live Oak, he was quite calm.”

A dog curiously looking at something while standing in the grass

“I am from out of state and was visiting NC. My dog got a pretty bad bacterial infection. The staff and the Vet were all very nice and helped considerably. Thanks again.”

Jacque B.
Kitten with orange and green eyes laying on a couch

“Everything here was very pleasant. The staff was very nice. I was very pleased with the vets write up at the end. I have never received a print out of what was done and notes taken by the vet. This took time but was gratefully appreciated.”

Valerie B.
Happy cute dog looking at something

“Dr. Lloyd was great along with her staff. We are from out of town and they accommodated us like we were locals. Thanks so much!!!”

Kelly S.
A dog drinking water

“We were seen promptly at our appointment time. The wait for the Dr. was not long and she didn’t rush her exam. She was very helpful and we left with the remedy we needed. Thank you!”

– Anonymous
Very happy dog running on lush grass

“Despite them being short staffed, they took us in for an urgent care matter when we were rejected by 4 other veterinarians in the area. They squeezed us in and skillfully treated our puppy’s raging skin infection. Most compassionate in the area!”

– Anonymous
Kitten laying in the lap of it's owner holding up it's paw

“Dr. Loyd and her staff saw us fifteen minutes before they were scheduled to close. My dog was an emergency. They were kind and very professional. I received very good care for my dog, and she improved.”

– Eugenia M.
Happy puppy sitting calmly on the ground

“Best vet in the state!”

– Terry J.
Grey and black striped kitten

“I’ve been taking my dog Misty to Susan Lloyd for several years. Dr. Lloyd is very professional and Misty loves the staff. Also like the fact that they board and do grooming. Great place.”

– Edward S.
Grey kitten with blue eyes

“Great treatment! I recommend Live Oak to my friends and family!”

– Amberleigh B.
Kitten with tan and brown stripes and white patches looking at something

“Pleasant experience and friendly”

– Melvin W.
A very happy pug dog looking at something

“I’ve been taking my dog Misty to Susan Lloyd for several years. Dr. Lloyd is very professional and Misty loves the staff. Also, like the fact that they board and do grooming. Great place.”

– Edward S.
Dog with cute large ears laying on a yellow backdrop

“The experience was great. My pet was treated promptly and they were able to work us in on short notice. Very satisfied with the service.”

– Theresa H.
Happy older dog being held by it's owner

“Very friendly and courteous staff, considerate and loving, knowledgeable.”

– Billie P.
A woman and her husky sitting by purple flowers

“Kristina and the rest of the staff are friendly and very helpful. We just moved here and have three large dogs and feel like we found the perfect place for them. We are more than satisfied with Live Oak Veterinary Hospital.”

– Jackie B.
Golden retriever dog holding a chewy ball in it's mouth

“Thank you to you and your staff for seeing Chloe and Maci while we were vacationing at Atlantic Beach. You don’t know how much we appreciated your kindness. If you ever need a change of scenery please consider Roanoke Virginia. Our town could use a caring vet like yourself. God bless.”

– Carol V.
Yorki puppy laying on a colorful rug

“Our 11 yr old Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with Cancer. Susan worked His biopsy into her schedule that same day which meant so much to us. Thanks Susan and your staff for all you did for our Lucky.”

– Joana W.
Serious looking cat sitting in front of a green background

“Trust these folks with our baby – that really says it all!”

– Charles C.
A cat hiding underneath a blanket

“It was very easy to work with the hospital and the dr. was available to speak with in-person multiple times. They were able to do a pretty rare surgery on my cats ear, without having to go all the way to Raleigh. Would definitely use them again.”

– Deana R.
Very happy pitbull puppy looking at something

“We live it of state, our dog got sand in his eye and scratched his cornea. The staff, was very professional, friendly and empathetic. Even as an “emergency” the visit was affordable. The follow up has been fantastic and Buddy is doing so well.”

– Kelley C.
Dog next to cherry blossoms

“Exceeded all my expectations.”

– Julia V.
Puppy taking a scroll on the grass

“I took my cat here for the first time, to be groomed and get a couple of shots. They did an awesome job with her. Even though they are still under the curbside service, the staff was great.”

– Nancy
Kitten looking at something

“I have been using Dr. Lloyd and her staff for nearly 2 decades now. They do a great job in the proper care of our dogs. I feel 100% confident with having Dr. Lloyd and her co-workers w/ the proper care of our pets!”

– Peter B.
Happy senior dog laying on grass and flowers

“My senior dog was lame and in pain. He was seen same day I called. Next morning he was back to his old happy self and back to jogging 3 days later!!!! I am extremely grateful.”

– Patricia G.
A tan cat with green eyes lounging on a deck

“Best vet office I have ever used. Get appointments within an hour of calling. They are so friendly and my animals love them. I cant wait for cornavirus to go away so I can bring my ferrets and cat in for a check-up.”

– Ashley H.
Two dog friends running together

“I drive 2 1/2 hours to see Dr. Lloyd because she does test on my cat that no other veterinarian has done. She has helped Smokey a lot and he is finally in good health for a cat that is 14 years old. I highly recommend her & her staff. “

– Anonymous
Two dog friends sitting next to each other

“Never have to wait!! Always get me in and out. Caring and understanding staff!!”

– Lorrice F.
Puppy sitting on a lush blanket

“I love the staff at Live Oak!!”

– Carol S.
Brown and black striped cat sitting on white stairs

“Dr.Lloyd and her staff have taken wonderful care of my Gimini for about 9 years now. Gimini loves them and that is the most important thing.”

– Suzanne D.
Dog with black and white fur smiling

“It is always easy to get an appointment and the staff has always been kind and helpful. “

– Terry P.
Golden retriever dog smiling while sitting on grass

“Early opening hours, very nice folks up front at the desk. The Lady doing the grooming appears to care about the how pleased I was and She always seems to do a good job. Gizzy doesn’t seem to mind going there and that lets me know that the people there are good to him and that’s the most important thing to me.”

– Jimmy W.
Kitten with green eyes in front of a sky blue background

“Personal greeting, prompt, empathy, guidance, expertise, location. “

– Anonymous
Cat with bright grey eyes

“My pup is a family member and leaving him for the day is difficult especially when he’s having surgery. But, the staff is so loving and they treat him like he’s their family. That made my heart feel lighter. He’s happy when he’s there. He trusts them as much as I do.”

– Gina R.
Pitbull dog relaxing with it's tongue out

“Very professional.”

– Steven M.
Husky dog with light blue eyes

“Even though we are only here two months out of the year, Dr. Susan keeps up with our dogs and is ready to help us with any problems.”

– Lynn C.
Kitten sitting in front of a grey background

“Very kind and loving to our Striker.”

– Karen W.
Puppy dog sticking out it's tongue

“Dr. Lloyd literally saved our dog’s life. She diagnosed her quickly and performed major surgery. All along the process thru recovery I was kept updated, given reassurances and guided till I felt completely at ease in my caregiving. Dr. l dr. Dr. Lloyd and her staff are compassionate as well as knowledgeable and professional in their care of my two older dogs, and I am very happy to have them in our life. Thanks to all of them for all the care they have given to us!”

– Joy N.
Tan cat looking out a window

“Daisy and I immediately felt comfortable and Dr. Lloyd and the staff at Live Oaks are attentive and caring. “

– Kimberly J.
White poodle relaxing on the floor

“Knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate.”

– Carlton C.
Puppy laying on a white blanket

“Staff are very friendly and really care about my dog.”

– Susan
Puppy with black fur looking up

“Live Oak has taken my fur baby to an extraordinary level! She has been able to adapt to NC and they did surgery to heal her ear super fast and wasted no time. They always answer my 500 questions without even hesitation, provide me with all the info for me to be able to make my decisions, and love my fur baby as much as I do! We are preparing for a move to California and are sad to leave this vet! However they got my dog ahead on all her needs and are looking for a vet they know for me in Cali. I knoe if they approve we will be happy there!”

– Katelyn G.
Cat laying by a window sill

“The service and support we received was excellent in all areas. We were particularly thankful to have had Christina taking care of Riku.”

– Jack E.
Brown dog sitting in tall grass and weeds

“Because you treat us so well.”

– Anonymous
Kitten licking it's paw

“Have been with Dr Lloyd since 2002 and have always had excellent care.”

– Joe F.
Puppy holding it's head down

“Everyone there was so very nice and helpful and the vet really knew how to handle my little mean Gizmo. He’s been acting nice ever since our visit yesterday!”

– Shirl C.
Puppy covering in blankets smiling

“Excellent service and care.”

– Anonymous
Kitten in front of a light blue background holding up it's paw

“So friendly and helpful!”

– Demi
Dog looking up with it's tongue out

“Quality of care!! Dr. Lloyd provided excellent care to my old dog, who lived for 18 years. She has been providing care for my current dog for the past two years. And now two recent additions to my home. She is gentle. My pets interact with her well. She is genuinely concerned about my pets overall health and well being.”

– Michael L.
Cat with green eyes looking at something

“Brought my ball python, Kasey, in to be treated for mites after a friend recommended Live Oaks. Sadly, she passed away a few days after the visit but we will definitely for our other reptile needs. Thank you for all you do.”

– Kirstie B.