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Kristina Hollingsworth

Kristina Hollingsworth

Hospital Manager

Kristina remembers the exact moment that she realized animal care would be an important part of her life. One day while growing up in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, she came across a bird in a local park with a string wrapped around its beak. With the help of another passerby, she managed to get the string off and set the creature free. From that moment on, Kristina knew that she wanted to help animals professionally!

Kristina’s veterinary journey began when she started working as a dog trainer alongside her friend, who served as a professional trainer. After learning the ropes, Kristina set out on her own at the age of 26 and continued to train and rehabilitate dogs until meeting Dr. Lloyd through a mutual friend. She joined the Live Oak Veterinary Hospital team shortly afterward, and now serves the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Assistant. Kristina’s favorite part of her work is getting to meet a variety of pet personalities every day, and she also enjoys learning more about reptile and rodent companions.

Kristina lives in Beaufort and has two beautiful dogs of her own at home.

Braden Flarity

Braden Flarity

Kennel Technician

When Braden was a young child, she used to carry animal encyclopedias around with her everywhere she went. Back then, her goal was to become a zoologist so she could study wild animals. Life may have led her down a different path, but Braden has still followed her passion for animals and takes great pride in her current role as kennel technician.

Braden joined the Live Oak Veterinary Hospital team shortly after graduating from East Carolina University with her BA in Psychology. Professionally, she enjoys tending to our kennel guests and earning their trust. She especially likes working with the clinic is closed, as it’s quiet and allows her to focus all of her attention on the animals.

Outside of work, Braden lives with her mother, brother, and five cats, including a calico named Mellon (a.k.a. Mellie), tabbies Garfield and Knox, a mix named Cow, and Shiloh, a Maine Coon/Tabby mix who has the personality of a squirrel combined with a raccoon. Aside from animals, Braden’s other passion is music, particularly composing. Several of her pieces have been performed by talented musicians.

Alivia Reek

Alivia Reek

Veterinary Assistant

Bio coming soon.

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