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Common Pet Myths Debunked

Animals have been part of our lives since the dawn of time. They’ve taken on a variety of responsibilities, including friend, guardian, hunting companion, tracker, and therapist, to name just a few. Over the course of history, a great deal…

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Interesting Facts About Fido

Our canine friends have likely been among us for 30,000 years or more. We’ve definitely learned a lot about dogs in that time. Every year, however, we continue to discover new things about our furry best friends. Continue reading for…

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Tips For Adopting A Rescue Bunny

Are you thinking about adopting a bunny? This may be the perfect time.  It’s Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month! We’re always ‘hoppy’ to give Floppy a turn in the spotlight. Whether you’re adopting a bunny or just considering it, you’ll…

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Grooming A Senior Cat

Cats are known for their cleanliness, among other things. This is one reason they are such great pets. Fluffy grooms herself regularly, often dedicating a significant portion of her waking time to keeping her fur clean, soft, shiny, and tangle-free….

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