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How to Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks

July 1, 2021

July 4th is only a couple of days away. While most of us are anticipating celebrating the USA’s birthday, it’s also critical to remember that this is an extremely dangerous holiday for our canine friends. Many dogs are absolutely terrified of fireworks! Here, a local veterinarian discusses some ways to help Fido cope.

Crate Time

When properly used, crates can be extremely helpful. The key is to ensure that your dog finds his crate to be a comfy, cozy den, and not a jail. If your furry buddy enjoys his crate, he could feel safer inside it. Be sure he has comfortable bedding. Providing him with a puzzle toy or a nice treat will also help keep him busy.

Early Workout

Your pup is always a little calmer after he’s burned off the excess zoomies. Before nighttime, take Fido for a long walk. A strenuous play session can also help wear him out.

Background Noise

When you bring Fido indoors, turn on the TV or radio. This can help hide the noise of the fireworks. Also, the background noise will help calm your furry friend down. 

Calming Shirt

If Fido is terrified of loud noises, he may find comfort from a snug shirt. Snug shirts are kind of equal to weighted blankets. Naturally, not all dogs love them, so you’ll need to keep an eye on how he reacts.

Pet-Calming Products

Pet-calming pheromones are another thing that you may want to consider. There are a variety of products you can select from, such as collars, treats, and sprays. Contact your pet clinic for more information on these calming products.


Believe it or not, you don’t want to give Fido too many cuddles. Showering your dog with attention when he’s frightened could, in turn, reward him for behaving nervously. With that, if your furry pal seems scared, talking and petting him can help him calm down.


Our canine buddies all have different personalities, and some are just born jumpier than others. If your dog is naturally high strung, you could try to desensitize him to loud noises. Get a CD or stream something that sounds like a thunderstorm or loud noises. At first, play it at a reduced volume, and then slowly increase it. (This could take several days, weeks, or months.) 

Happy 4th of July! Call us, your local animal clinic, anytime. We want to help!

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