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Your Dog Kennel Boarding To-Do List

May 1, 2024

Is a vacation in your near future? Are you planning to take your furry bestie to a pet hotel? Finding a suitable spot to take care of your canine buddy while you’re away is the most important thing, of course. However, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while preparing. This post provides some useful advice from a vet.

Book Your Pet’s Kennel Sooner Rather Than Later

We can get quite booked, especially during the summer and holiday seasons, when many people travel. A slot may become available at the last minute, but that’s by no means guaranteed. Do your best to reserve your dog’s boarding service in advance!

Don’t Change Your Pet’s Current Food Plan Prior to Boarding

Going to a new place, or any other big change, can be very overwhelming for our beloved pets. The anxiety of being away from home can make pets sick to their stomachs. It’s also always best to ease Fido into new eating habits over a few days. Do your best to keep your dog’s meal plan and routine unchanged right before boarding. 

Read All Of The Documents

The way each kennel runs its business is slightly different. Quite a few things may differ from one location to another, including what to bring, the frequency of walks or playtime for your pet, emergency procedures, prerequisites, and optional perks and upgrades. Find out beforehand what is and isn’t included in the package.

Send All Required Documents

Certain paperwork, such evidence of immunizations, should be required by your pet’s kennel. Verify that you have submitted all necessary materials. Do this ahead of time if you can. If you are boarding with your Beaufort, NCveterinary clinic, they may already have what they need.

Verify Your Contact Details 

It is always a good idea to verify the information you have listed with the kennel, even though most typically confirm it. This is especially important if you have recently changed addresses, phone numbers, or veterinarians. Also, check that all of your backup contacts are current.

Say Goodbye Quickly

We understand how difficult it is to part with a beloved pet, particularly when Fido gives you THAT sad expression. Having a protracted, teary farewell will simply make the process more difficult for you and the other person. Make that goodbye short and sweet: there will be plenty of opportunities for snuggles after you retrieve Fido from the pet hotel.

Pick A Great Kennel

This is at the top of the list for a good reason: picking a good kennel may alleviate a lot of stress and confusion. Research your pet’s boarding kennel thoroughly. Before you bring your beloved pet there, do some research online and read reviews. The occasional sour customer is almost a guarantee in this day and age, but repeated negative reviews are a different story. Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from those closest to you, such as friends, family, and your vet. The kennel should also be willing to show you the boarding space. 

Pack What To Bring to the Pet Hotel Carefully

Because many areas have varied policies about items like bedding and toys, it’s a good idea to research what is and isn’t appropriate. Always include a few days’ worth of extra food, supplements, and medicine in your shipment, in case of any delays. It’s also a good idea to ask the kennel if they need things labeled or separated a certain way.  

Provide Necessary Info

Any respectable kennel will require vaccination records and confirmation of ownership. You might also have to fill out a few forms with details on your pet. They don’t have to know every single thing about your furry pal, but it would be important for them to know whether Fido has any special needs, like a chicken allergy or a fear of other dogs. 

Stick With The Kennel You Like

Your pet’s kennel ought to feel more like a second home to him than anything else. Boarding will become easier on your furry buddy if they always visit the same place. That is also true for you. Making hotel arrangements for your pet will become second nature once you’ve established a routine with a certain kennel.

Book A Trial Run For Your Pet

If you’re worried about leaving your dog at the hotel for an extended period of time, try taking him in for a shorter excursion, like an overnight, first. You and your pet will have a better understanding of the kennel experience after this. Fido also won’t be as nervous when you go away on a longer trip if he’s already been to his hotel once. 

Ask About Procedures And Protocols

Every kennel has its own unique way of doing things. You should not presume that your new kennel is going to follow the same procedures as the previous one. There might be a lot of variation from one location to another when it comes to things like drop-off and pick-up timings and processes, add-ons, company hours, and even the things you should and should not pack. 

Choose The Right Backup Contact

In most cases, kennels will request emergency contacts. The majority of individuals board when they are away from town, so this makes sense. People are often inaccessible when they are on trains, planes, or boats, or in remote areas. Making sure the kennel has a way to contact someone in case something happens while you’re away is very important! 

Your backup contact should be someone you have complete faith in to make judgments regarding your pet’s care. This could even involve surgical treatments in an emergency! Someone who knows your pet and lives in the area would be ideal.

You should communicate your wishes to your backup by having a chat with them. It’s not a bad idea to put some things in writing, either. 

Send Comfort Items Along

Animals develop strong bonds with us. Remember, Fido loves you more than anything in the world! Consider bringing something that he can cuddle with while you’re gone, such as a cherished stuffed animal, a t-shirt that still has your scent on it, or even a favorite toy. This may make their time away from home considerably more comfortable for your cute pet.

Consider Your Beaufort, NCPet Boarding Kennel For Non-Travel Situations

Although most of our customers book kennel stays for their pets when they are leaving on vacation, that is far from the only occasion a kennel might be useful. Are you moving soon? You might want to consider boarding your beloved pet on the day of the move to keep him safely out of the way. For example, you should expect a large crowd because these are significant life events. Boarding could be a suitable choice if you have an upcoming medical treatment, as well as times when you may be hosting a wedding, burial, or graduation. Quick but intensive home renovations are another scenario in which boarding could be useful.

Adjust Your Pet’s Routine

Familiarize yourself with your animal friend’s daily schedule at the kennel. It’s better to introduce new things cautiously. If it’s going to be really different from the norm, get your furry pal adjusted to the change ahead of time.

Book Pet Boarding With Your Beaufort, NCAnimal Clinic

Is boarding your pet something you’re interested in? Please feel free to contact our pet motel at any time. As your Beaufort, NC veterinary clinic and pet hotel, we are here to help.

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