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Advantages of Boarding Your Cat  

May 15, 2024

Do you have any upcoming vacation plans? If you have a dog, then you’ll definitely need to make arrangements for someone to take care of Fido. But what about Fluffy? Cats are renowned for their independent nature. They are able to spend longer periods of time alone at home than dogs, due to their self-sufficient nature. However, your feline buddy may not be as independent as she thinks. Keep reading as a Beaufort, NC vet explains the benefits of bringing your beloved cat to a pet hotel while you’re away.

Cats Aren’t As Independent As They Appear

Many people believe that kitties are better off staying at home, because they are so independent. On the contrary, that may not be the case. Our feline companions often feel sadness, loneliness, and anxiety when they are left alone. Fluffy may exhibit signs of anxiety through a range of concerning—and possibly dangerous—behaviors, such as excessive grooming, loss of appetite, and attempts to escape.

Fluffy Isn’t a Fan of Traveling

It is common knowledge that cats are typically not fond of car rides, and they certainly do not enjoy traveling by plane. Although there are a few brave kitties out there who have embraced the van life or are exploring the world with their humans, they are quite rare.

Although Fluffy is affectionate and enjoys being close to her humans, she tends to become unsettled when it comes to traveling. Cats, just like any other animal, possess a natural instinct for fight-or-flight. You don’t want to risk your pet running into a strange environment while you’re far from home!

Boarding Ensures a Safe Environment for Cats

Although it may appear convenient to leave your pet at home, there are plenty of potential mishaps that could occur. Cats are known for their playful and mischievous nature. It’s probable that a lot of you have, at some point, rescued your cat from a perilous situation. Maybe Fluffy got trapped behind a bookcase or got entangled in a piece of string. In any case, you can’t overestimate kitties’ natural talent for getting into shenanigans. This way, your pet won’t be stuck in a closet or something.

Petsitters do stop over. However, they might face unforeseen emergencies that could hinder their availability. That is always a potential danger. If such a situation were to occur, there is a possibility that your pet may run out of food or water in your absence.

Boarding at a cattery hotel is the safer choice for your beloved pet. Your kitty will be provided with food and water, and she will receive attentive care. Boarding with your Beaufort, NC  vet is particularly advantageous, as they will already be familiar with any medical issues she has.

Less Stress For Fluffy

Adapting to a cattery environment can be difficult for cats, especially in the initial stages. We take pride in our commitment to creating cat boarding facilities that prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of our furry guests. Cats can get very upset when they are alone for long amounts of time, which can be very bad for their health.

Finding a high-quality kennel and remaining loyal to it can bring numerous advantages. Your pet will feel less distressed if she becomes more familiar with her temporary home. After a few stays, Fluffy will soon realize that her time away from home will be short and sweet, and she’ll soon be right back in her kingdom.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s emotional well-being, you can also arrange for her to receive extra cuddles or playtime. It’s always beneficial to inquire!

Kitties Have Unique Needs

Boarding is an excellent option for dogs, as it provides them with the opportunity to freely run and play. Our feline pals, however, typically are more independent and may not be as interested in socializing with other pets, particularly unfamiliar ones. 

Plus, they often prefer snug and enclosed spaces, which make them feel more secure. You may have noticed that if something startles your furry friend, such as the sound of a kitchen pot clanging or a loud alarm, she will likely seek shelter and hide. 

A reputable kennel will consider these factors. Fluffy will have a safe and private space that provides a cozy and secure environment. Additionally, she will receive individualized attention to prevent any feelings of loneliness.

Your Kitty Will Definitely Stay Put

Another factor to take into account regarding pet sitters is the possibility of your cat getting out. The Great Outdoors can be quite dangerous for a kitty! There are certain cats who are quite eager to venture outside and will make every effort to slip away whenever someone enters or exits the house. Ensuring that Fluffy doesn’t escape while you’re away is of utmost importance.

Peace Of Mind

Pet sitting services have become increasingly popular in recent years. We fully comprehend the rationale and allure of having someone come by to take your dog for a walk or feed Fluffy while you’re not around. On the other hand, this implies granting access to your home to another individual. We want to emphasize that we have complete trust in dog walkers. The vast majority of them probably are wonderful people. But these days, you can’t be too careful.

A Purrfectly Heartwarming Reunion

The sight of dogs eagerly awaiting their owners’ return is truly heartwarming. Cats are just as thrilled to see their owners and return home!

Your kitty may be quite affectionate when you get home. She may also be a bit chatty! Your furry pal could want to talk about how her stay went or tell you how disappointed she was that you were leaving. Then again, she may just want to go straight to her favorite napping spot and get back to her usual routine. Either way, it’s bound to be cute!

How Long Can Cats Be Left Alone?

Cats have the ability to stay home alone for extended periods of time, unlike dogs. But what is considered an excessive length?

Generally speaking, we would advise against leaving adult cats alone for longer than 24 or 48 hours. Assuming the kitty is in good health, that is. If Fluffy has a medical issue, it would be advisable to consider boarding her. It is also best not to leave kittens or senior cats alone at home for more than one night, if at all. They are extremely delicate!

In conclusion: When it comes to pet care, it’s important to prioritize caution. When you opt for a professional facility for your kitty, you can be confident that she will be provided with food, water, and attention daily. She will also be continuously monitored, which will ensure that any potential illnesses are identified and treated promptly.

Book a Reservation at Our Beaufort, NC Cattery Hotel

Do you need to book a boarding or veterinary appointment for your cat? Don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience at our animal hospital or pet boarding kennel in Beaufort, NC. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and pleasant environment for your pets while they are in our care. We are dedicated to providing our furry guests with the highest level of care and attention they deserve!

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