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OncoK9 Canine Cancer Screening

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Many pet parents are surprised to discover that cancer is among the most common medical conditions that can affect dogs – particularly those that are over the age of 7. And while certain breeds may be more genetically predisposed to developing cancer, it’s a disease that can affect just about any canine at any time. The team at Live Oak Veterinary Hospital is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of canine cancers.

As your four-legged family member ages, even if there are no outward signs of a problem, routine screenings are still strongly recommended. At Live Oak Veterinary Hospital, we recommend doing this at least once a year. This allows us to run detailed diagnostic tests which help us determine whether there is anything we should be concerned about.

As with humans, the earlier and more accurately we can diagnose and treat cancer in pets, the greater the chances of a positive outcome. While there are a variety of diagnostic tools that we can use to identify the signs of cancer in dogs, we are proud to offer one of the most innovative and effective options available: OncoK9.

OncoK9 uses next-generation sequencing technology to detect many different types of cancer, including lymphoma, osteosarcoma, malignant melanoma, hemangiosarcoma, mammary gland carcinoma, mast cell tumors, soft tissue sarcoma, histiocytic sarcoma, and more. The OncoK9 test is minimally invasive, requiring nothing more than a simple blood draw, and results can be obtained within just a few days.

While the OncoK9 test may be used for dogs in which there are clinical signs of cancer, it’s also recommended as a proactive tool to aid in the early diagnosis of cancer in cases where clinical signs have not begun to manifest. Early-stage detection can dramatically improve the prognosis, and in some cases, such as when a tumor is still localized, it can enable treatment that results in a full recovery.

As humans, most of us routinely participate in cancer screenings, such as colonoscopies and mammograms. In many cases, these routine tests have saved lives. The OctoK9 test has been proven to produce similar results, facilitating early diagnosis and providing pet owners with more time and options for treatment. If you haven’t scheduled your dog’s OctoK9 cancer screening, contact Live Oak Veterinary Hospital today!

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