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Kristina Hollingsworth

Veterinary Assistant

Kristina remembers the exact moment that she realized animal care would be an important part of her life. One day while growing up in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, she came across a bird in a local park with a string wrapped around its beak. With the help of another passerby, she managed to get the string off and set the creature free. From that moment on, Kristina knew that she wanted to help animals professionally!

Kristina’s veterinary journey began when she started working as a dog trainer alongside her friend, who served as a professional trainer. After learning the ropes, Kristina set out on her own at the age of 26 and continued to train and rehabilitate dogs until meeting Dr. Lloyd through a mutual friend. She joined the Live Oak Veterinary Hospital team shortly afterward, and now serves the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Assistant. Kristina’s favorite part of her work is getting to meet a variety of pet personalities every day, and she also enjoys learning more about reptile and rodent companions.

Kristina lives in Beaufort and has two beautiful dogs of her own at home.

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Maria Manzi

Veterinary Assistant, Groomer

Growing up in Massachusetts, Maria spent most of her free time out in the forest, exploring nature and observing all of the wild critters she could find. It wasn’t hard for her to develop a passion for animal care early on in life! When the opportunity arose for her to work with pets in the veterinary field here at Live Oak Veterinary Hospital, Maria jumped at the chance.

Maria serves as a Veterinary Assistant and groomer here at the hospital, and particularly enjoys helping with surgeries, soaking up knowledge from Dr. Lloyd and her fellow staff members, and spending one-on-one time with the patients who visit the clinic. If Maria can play a role in helping to extend the health and happiness of a beloved animal companion, she can go home with a smile on her face!

Maria and her fiancé have three wonderful children and share their lives with several dogs who join them for all family activities. Together, they enjoy walking, gardening, listening to music, and watching movies. When time permits between family life and her duties here at the hospital, Maria loves working as a live DJ. She’s been entertaining audiences for several years!

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Mel Wright

Kennel Technician

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Veterinary Assistant

Ever since her early years, Colleen was fascinated with science and animal care. By the time she was 12, she had signed on to volunteer with a local wildlife shelter and was helping to rehabilitate animals that wouldn’t have made it without human intervention. The experience left a permanent impression—Colleen knew that a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect fit for her!

After taking nearly every science course offered at her high school, Colleen headed off to North Carolina State University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in animal science. She served in the United States Army for seven years as a chemical officer, even completing a tour in Afghanistan, before deciding to continue her pursuit of veterinary medicine after leaving the service. Colleen first met Dr. Lloyd while working at the Emergency Pet Hospital, and started helping out here at Live Oak Veterinary Hospital on occasion. When a full-time position opened up, Colleen jumped at the chance to serve the area’s pets as a Veterinary Assistant! She’s particularly fond of intricate surgical work and also likes putting the puzzle pieces together during the diagnostic process.

In her time away from work, Colleen is an avid coffee enthusiast and outdoorswoman, and especially likes mountain biking in the great outdoors. She’s often accompanied by her rescued pit bull/boxer mix, Stella, who runs right alongside Colleen’s bicycle. Colleen also shares her life with Frosty, a rescued mutt with a penchant for hoarding whatever he can get his paws on.

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Veterinary Assistant

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Kennel Assistant

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