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The Golden Rules of Being a Cat

May 1, 2016

Cats are definitely very interesting. Our feline friends are full of cute quirks and adorable habits, and tend to live by their own rules. If kitties had a code of conduct to adhere to, what do you think those guidelines would look like? A Carteret County, NC vet makes an educated guess in this article.

Be Confident

Have you ever found your cat relaxing in a fresh basket of laundry, with a completely smug, happy look on her face? Fluffy may know that she isn’t supposed to ‘fur’ your clothes, at least until you’re wearing them, but your adorable pet knows you won’t be able to stay mad at her. She’s just too cute!

Protect Your Territory

Some of our pampered feline friends may not know what to do if a mouse crossed their path, but you can be sure that Fluffy will chase away any moths that dare invade her territory!

Guard Your Humans

Kitties can be both curious and protective. Have you ever wondered why cats often follow their owners into the bathroom? Maybe Fluffy just wants to make sure there isn’t a moth in there, waiting to attack.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Fluffy certainly has this one down pat! Your sleepy feline could spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. Perhaps looking cute is really exhausting.

Monitor Your Human’s Activities

Cats have a tendency to choose our open books and newspapers for napping spots. Your feline pal may also walk across your computer keyboard, or even knock your phone off the table. Maybe this is just Fluffy’s way of telling you that you should be petting her instead of spending time on, well, pretty much anything else.

Be Helpful

Have you ever tried to wrap gifts or change your bedsheets with a cat in the room? Chances are, your kitty was more than happy to lend a helping paw!

Have Fun

Another one of Fluffy’s mantras: just have fun! Cats don’t need expensive toys to have a good time. Your frisky pet may have a blast playing with her catnip mouse or chasing that little red dot.

Be Affectionate

Some of our feline friends are quite the little cuddlebugs! Fluffy’s purrs and snuggles are clear signs of her love for you.

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